Video Tutorials

01 High Pass Filter

This is an introduction to using the high pass filter in Photoshop to sharpen and increase the contrast in Solar and Lunar Images

02 High Pass Filter applied to a Nebula

When a high pass filter is applied to a nebula it has a good effect on the nebula but tends to spoil the stars. This is a simple method of getting round this.

03 High Pass Filter with a star mask

This is probably a more satisfactory method of dealing with the effect of the filter on the stars.

04 Combining images of different brightness

Some nebulae e.g. The Orion Nebula M42, have regions that are very bright and regions that are very dim. It is impossible to capture these extremes in one shot. This video shows how to deal with this by combining two (or more) images of different brightness.

05 Demonstration of Microsoft ICE to make a Lunar Panorama

This is a quick demonstration to show how easy it is to use the FREE program Microsoft ICE program (Image Composite Editor) to stitch together a number of images.


06 Using Maxim DL

To align astro images

 from different cameras with different orientations and size