IC410 The Tadpoles nebula

Ha version

Hubble palette

IC410 lies about 12000 light years away and is over 100 ly across. It has been sculpted by stellar winds and radiation from the embedded open cluster NGC 1893. Formed in the interstellar cloud a mere 4 million years ago, the radiation from these hot stars pushes hot gas away from them and creates dark “tadpoles” trailing away from the nebula’s central regions. These streamers of denser gas resist the erosive radiation from the hot stars. The tails have grown to 10 ly in length, and are potentially sites of ongoing star formation. (Extract from  SkySafari Pro).

The Ha for the first image was taken on the night 6 Jan 2015. It comprises 27 x 600s with a Megrez 90 scope and Atik 460EX camera. The OIII and SII were taken on the night of 10 Jan 2015, and added to the previous Ha. There are 10 x 600s subs binned 2x2 in both OIII and SII.