SAQQARA The Step Pyramid and nearby Red Pyramid and Bent Pyramid
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The first few pictures were taken inside the IMHOTEP (designer & builder of the Step Pyramid) museum and so the objects are around 5000 years old.

1611 Surgical Instruments

1618 Statue of a scribe

1622 Mummy feet

1623 Mummy head

1627 Canoptic jars

1640 Mummy

1649 Teti Pyramid next to the Step Pyramid.
We visited the tomb inside where there were beautiful hieroglyphics and a sarcophagus.

1650 Leaving Teti's pyramid

1654 Tourist police on guard

1663 The Step Pyramid

1668 Some jig saw puzzle

1669 Step Pyramid - the 3 corners on the right show where the pyramid was extended.

1670 Step pyramid detail

1672 The step pyramid was built with stone bricks and no mortar. These beech beams were inserted to give the structure some stability.

1674 Graffitti from 1232 B.C.

1681 Just too tired to turn over.

1683 Step Pyramid
1685 Entrance

1686 Step Pyramid

1697 The Red Pyramid at Dahshur

1702 The Red Pyramid

1706 The Bent Pyramid at Dashur - It is not permitted to get any closer as it is a military zone.

1709 Remnants of another Pyramid

1710 Red Pyramid

1711 Step Pyramid from Dahshur