Butterflies from outside the UK
I have been unable to identify many of these images, but would be grateful if anyone reading this page who does know the name of any of the species let me know via my contact page. Thankyou. Otherwise please enjoy the pictures.
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Belize 0544

Belize 0639

Belize Adelpha celerio (no common name) 

Belize - Anartia fatima (Banded peacock)

Belize Chlosyne gaudialis (Consistant Patch or Welling's Gaudy Checker-spot)  

Belize 0903

Belize - Anartia jatrophe
White Peacock)

Belize - Heliconius aliphera

Belize -Heliconius charitonia(The Zebra)

Belize - Dione vanillae (Gulf Fritillary)  

Belize - Heliconius aliphera 

Australia - Polyura pyrrhus
ssp. sempronius
(Tailed Emperor or Four-tail)

Australia - Heteronympha merope (Common Brown-female)

Australia - Heteronympha merope (Common Brown-female)

Australia - Danaus chrysippus
(Plain Tiger or African Monarch)
Australia 1173

Bavaria - Map Butterfly
araschnia levana

Bavaria - Map Butterfly
araschnia levana

Many thanks to Roger Payne of Southend Museum  for many of the identifications.