North America Nebula (ngc7000) C20 and
Pelican Nebula (IC5067 & IC5070)

This nebula is so called because of it’s resemblance to he continent of N America. It is 1800 light years distant and is seen in the constellation of Cygnus near the bright star Deneb. Just to the right in the above picture is the Pelican Nebula so called because of it’s resemblance to a pelican.

This image was taken with a Canon 40D DSLR with a 200mm telephoto lens. It was taken as a test of my new astrotrac portable mount. It consisted of 11 x 5 minute subs together with darks. It was stacked in MaximDL and processed in Photoshop.

The image below was taken from a dark site and consists of 36 x 5 min subs and otherwise the same as above.


The two images below were a bit of an experiment. The first was taken from my home with a light pollution filter and the one below from a dark site (Kelling Heath) with no filter. The second one was also a longer exposure. Otherwise the method of taking was the same.