The Moon Moon-10-10-17.jpg 17 October 2010 Moon-2009-10-09-final100.jpg 9 October 2009 10 January 2009 This FULL Moon image was taken with a Canon 40D DSLR camera through my FL102S Telescope and so is a single frame. Images showing details of individual craters and other features. Clavius This is one of my favourite craters. I rather like the arc of six smaller caters of gradual decrease in size. They are, I believe, just a random occurrence.  Picture taken with FL102S refractor and a 5x Teleview Powermate with a DMK21 camera Plato Arago and domes Home Mare Crisium 17-07-2011 This image of Mare Crisium consists of 6 overlapping images stitched together with Microsoft ICE They were taken with a DMK21 camera through my Celestron 9.25” SCT

Another mosaic of the Mare Crisium region under different illumination.

This was taken on 14 September 2011 with my Vixen FL102S telescope and 3x barlow and DMK21 camera.

Crater Tycho and surrounding area.

This mosaic was taken on 14 September 2011 as above. When the Moon is full or near full the rays from the impact that created Tycho are clearly visible.

Moon 05-04-2012v3.jpg

I have recently seen some images of the Moon taken with a CCD camera rather than the usual webcam or DMK camera and so thought I would give it a try.This was with my Atik 314L+ mono webcam through my Vixen FL102S refractor with 2x barlow and with a Baader 7nm Ha filter.I am quite pleased with the result and it is much quicker to take and process.The individual images were captured and calibrated with Maxim DL, stitched with Microsoft ICE and processed in Photoshop. Taken on 5 April 2012.

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