IC2177 The Seagull Nebula

IC2177 is a large nebula, often referred to as the Seagull nebula because of its shape, lies on the border between Monoceros and Canis Major and is some 3700 light years distant. The “wing span” itself is 100 light years across. It is situated near Sirius, the brightest star in the night sky.

This version of the Nebula is more zoomed in and concentrates on the head region. Last years image was very wide to see the whole nebula.

This image consists of 18 x 900s sub exposures through an Ha filter and Megrez 90 telescope with an Atik 460EX CCD camera and was taken on the night of 20 January 2014.

For those who prefer colour, below is a version in false colour but similar to that obtained in RGB or with a colour camera.