NGC 6979 Pickering’s Triangle

As it was unexpectedly clear last night 22 September 2015, I went out and started capturing this. It's a bit late in the year to have much time in this area as it is rapidly going into the murk. I have never captured any part of the Veil at this scale, only wide angle with a 200mm lens so it would be interesting to get at least this part in all 3 narrow bands. There is some detail lurking in the background so I would like to get some more Ha before going for the OIII and SII.

So far this has 16 x 600s in Ha through my Megrez 90 and 0.8x FR with Atik 460EX camera.

Two nights later on the 24th September it was again clear and so I was able to collect 4 hours worth of OIII in 10 minute subs and produced this bi-colour image. There is very little SII and so I will likely leave it at that.