IC1805 The Heart Nebula - mosaic

A larger version of this image can be seen by clicking >>HERE<<

This image of the Heart Nebula is made up of four panels stitched together to give a wider field of view. It consists of around 4 hours in 10 min subs for each panel in Ha taken through my Megrez 90 scope and 0.8x FR with an Atik 460Ex mono CCD camera.

The hubble palette colour is from an image I did last year through a Canon 200mm f2.8 lens. So there must be 20 hours plus of exposure and it feels like a similar amount of time for the processing, in particular the stitching. To cut a long story short I tried Microsoft ICE, Registar, AutoPano Pro, Canon stitching progam but the only one that I found would stitch without the seams showing was ICE but only if I did two at a time.