IC1805 The Heart Nebula

Here are three versions of the Heart Nebula. Firstly in monchrome hydrogen alpha (Ha)

The Heart Nebula is in the constellation of Cassiopeia and is around 6900 light years distant. It is so named because of it’s shape.

This image consists of 18 x 600s sub exposures through a Canon 200mm lens and Astrodon 3 nm Ha filter with an Atik 460EX mono CCD camera and was taken on the night of 11 March 2014.

This second image has had OIII combined with the Ha. On the night this was taken small clouds kept coming and going and although I collected 20 x 900s (5 hours) only 7 of the subs were useable. The OIII was collected using the same lens/camera on the night of 15 March 2014.

This final image has in addition 12 x 900s taken through a Baader SII filter taken on the night of 16 March 2014, combined with the Ha and OIII as above.

It is arranged in the hubble palette.