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M81 and M82
Cigar galaxy and Bodes galaxy

The Andromeda Galaxy - M31

The California Nebula - NGC1499

Flame and Horsehead Nebulae
NGC2024 and B33

The Pleiades Cluster - M45

Rosette (3)

The Rosette Nebula in Ha - C49

Horsehead Nebula in Ha - B33

The Rosette Nebula in Ha - C49

North America Nebula ngc 7000 and Pelican Nebula

The Pelican Nebula in Cygnus

The Heart Nebula - IC1805

ngc281 The Pacman Nebula

The Orion Nebula - M42

The Bubble Nebula - ngc 7635

2011 and before


M27 The Dumbell Nebula

The Whirlpool Galaxy - M51  with Supernova 2011dh