The Bubble Nebula - ngc 7635 - C11

At one time this nebula was thought to be a planetary nebula, but modern star atlases have reclassified it as an emission nebula. The bubble is now thought to be a hollow cavity in the HII region formed by radiation pressure streaming out from a hot blue central star.

This image was obtained with a Vixen FL102S telescope with a 0.8x reducer using an Atik 314L+ cooled CCD camera.

The Ha subs were taken on the night of 29/30 November 2012 and OIII subs were taken on 03/04 December 2012.

There were 14 x 10 mins of Ha and 11 x 10 mins of OIII. I have been told that there was no SII present so didn’t attempt to capture any.

This image is combined as Red = Ha, Green = OIII, Blue =OIII which gives something close to a normal RGB.